Learning experience

At an Activate Learning college, you’ll have the opportunity to take a great leap forward along the career pathway that you really want.

We believe the most effective learning is learning that’s connected, enterprising and confidence building.

CONNECTED learning

Study here and you’ll reap the rewards of an inclusive, collaborative approach to learning which connects all the key elements. This means we

  • co-create our programmes with students’ input  - you help us to shape your learning
  • build our learning programmes with employer input  
  • use digital technology such as Google hangouts, Moodle and Kaltura video platforms
  • have teachers with direct industry experience
  • use industry-standard facilities and resources – just like you’ll find when you start work 


Enterprise is valued very highly by employers, which is why it’s central to our culture. This is why we:


City of Oxford College is all about growth – your growth. This means we:

  • work with you, one-to-one, to make sure you’re on track to exceed your goals.
  • develop a personal career plan and an individual learning programme with you
  • create opportunities such as Learner Voice so your voice is heard
  • stretch and challenge your abilities at every level

So you can see, our teaching and learning goes beyond the classroom. Join City of Oxford College and you gain much more than a qualification.