How to apply

The method of applying for a higher education programme depends on whether you want to study full time or part time.

Full-time study
For full-time higher education you need to apply through UCAS. UCAS manages all full-time applications to higher education institutions in the UK.
UCAS codes
Each educational institution has a code. The institution is the awarding body for the qualification – for example, Oxford Brookes University (code O66).
Each programme has a code. This denotes the programme itself and the location where the programme is taught.
You need both codes when you apply through UCAS. The codes are listed in the programme information. See below for a step-by-step guide.
UCAS application fees
There is a fee for applications to university places. If you apply for one programme, the fee is £12. If you apply for 2–5 programmes, the fee is £23.
How to apply
You need to apply through UCAS for all full-time degree and HND programmes.
Let’s say you want to apply for the Foundation Degree in Business and Enterprise delivered in Oxford from September 2014. This is what you do:

  1. Go to the UCAS homepage
  2. Select ‘search for courses’ on the UCAS homepage
  3. Enter the title of the course under ‘subject’
  4. Select ‘I normally live in’
  5. Select ‘2014’, then ‘search’
  6. Select ‘Oxford Brookes University’ (they are the awarding body)
  7. You will see that there are ‘2 relevant courses’ listed – click to view
  8. Select the one you want – for example, City of Oxford College
  9. Select ‘How to apply’
  10. Select ‘UCAS ‘
  11. Complete the application form

Part-time study
For part-time higher education programmes including the HNC (Higher National Certificate), you need to apply directly to the College – not UCAS. Simply search for your course and complete the online College application form.
For further information about applying to any of our higher education programmes, please contact the HE team on 01865 550 550 or email